An Infinite Space - In Conversation with Samir Sayegh

On December 18th, 2023, BeMA, in collaboration with the Oriental Library of the Saint Joseph University of Beirut hosted an event that delved into the calligraphic practices of the esteemed artist, Samir Sayegh. The project, organized as a captivating dialogue between Sayegh and Mahmoud Haïdar, accompanied by an audio-visual documentary essay crafted by Karma & Rajwa Tohmé, provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Sayegh's creative process.

Through ongoing reflection, visual research, and writings, Sayegh shared insights into his thought processes, critical thinking, and context-driven artistic development. The project aimed to explore how viewers could connect with the medium, the ongoing momentum, and lifelong creative processes, shaping the dynamics of imagination and the flow of ideas.

A curated selection of original artworks from Sayegh's renowned collections, including "The Freedom Diaries 2011 - 2012" and "Inveterate Cities," was showcased in the Oriental Library’s reading room vitrine, providing a tangible connection to his artistic journey.

Furthermore, Sayegh generously unveiled part of his lifelong practice, personal archive, and collection through the creation of the first BeMA's Digital Collection. This initiative aimed to provide access, foster discovery, and ensure collective transmission and legacy of his work.

The project was implemented as part of the BERYT project, with support from UN-Habitat through funding from the Lebanon Financing Facility (LFF) administered by the World Bank (WB), and the Cultural and Creative Industries component executed by UNESCO Beirut, in collaboration with Oriental Library - Saint Joseph University of Beirut.