Jezzine Water Residency - 2017
Jezzine (Jezzine District)
Southern Governorate of Lebanon Organizers

And we made from water every living thing
"It is a research to perceive the behavior of water, its performance and its characters that gains form from its surroundings thus changing it. This is how my artistic interventions in the city of Jezzine try to represent the vitality of its water, which nourish the arteries of its life. My interventions alter in their behavior, characters and performance, resist the frames of references, commit sins and challenge the establishment, appear and disappear, leave no trace when they return by presidential decree.
My interventions are an open-invitation to read the relationship of a citizen with his city, to form another perspective and enhance the spirit of responsibility, to preserve the social and environmental diversity. They may inspire individuals and institutions with ideas on how to develop the possibilities of a city and its impressive landscapes. These projects seek to involve people in the question of the role of art in society and what kind of art can emerge from or respond to its «needs»?"
Ali El-Darsa

BeMA (Beirut Museum of Art) spearheaded by APEAL
(Association for the Promotion and Exhibition of the Arts in Lebanon) In collaboration with
Temporary . Art . Platform (T.A.P) Main Partners
The municipality of Jezzine, Jezzine Hub Patronage
The Lebanese Ministry of Culture __

 Amanda Abi Khalil Founder of Temporary . Art . Platform

Artistic Coordinator:
Ali El-Darsa

Mo Abd-Ulla
Suzy Halajian
Christine Kettaneh
Ashraf Mtaweh
Hussein Nassereddine
Mahmoud Safadi
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Jezzine // Water - A documentary film by Zeina Aboul Hosn