Plain Secret/ Baalbeck


Following a successful collaboration during the summer of 2016 in the Ras Masqa Artists in Residence program organized by APEAL/BeMa, APEAL chose the award-winning Lebanese filmmaker Roy Dib (Teddy Award 2014) to document its community outreach program in Baalbeck, through the filming of workshops and final performance.

In Plain Secret, Dib follows the participants in the workshops in their daily lives and into the city of Baalbeck, itself. It targets an age group often neglected by community arts outreach programs and gives the residents of Baalbeck a real voice and a cultural claim to their city and memory.

“This experience goes beyond the documentation and archiving of an artistic project because it gives local communities and the wider public the opportunity to relate to art by creating their own performances and through appearing in parallel in a documentary, that will showcase their work to a wider audience,” Dib says. Amongst other benefits, the documentary is a permanent record of otherwise ephemeral workshops and of a performance that so far, has not been repeated. Additionally, it constitutes an important source of documentation for APEAL and all the participants in the projects.

Plain Secret was sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon and the Robert A. Matta Arts and Culture Association.