One of BeMA’s principle goals is to act as a platform that brings Lebanon’s diverse communities together, providing a safe space for dialogue and the open exchange of ideas.

BeMA’s cultural and educational outreach program will enable the museum to participate in the process of strengthening civil society in Lebanon, positioning the arts at the center of those initiatives by demonstrating their value in fostering socially-engaged citizens

To this end, BeMA will operate:

  • As a socially-engaged institution by bringing the work and the voices of the artists into the realm of civil society and highlighting the vital role the arts play as facilitator.
  • As a learning institution by operating a diverse educational program and providing the public with opportunities to interact critically with art.
  • As a collective institution by presenting and engaging with artistic output that is inclusive and representative of all factions of society, thus acquiring the role of trusted, cultural mediator and partner within the community, functioning as more than just another art world institution