Artists 2017/2018

  • Chantale Fahmi

    Chantale Fahmi is a Lebanese photographer and master's student in Art Criticism and Curatorial Studies at Beirut’s Saint Joseph University. Her work documents social relations in specific sectors of society. Much of her work is dedicated to Nature, through which she shows the importance of the natural world and its impact on human life.   Chantale Fahmi believes in art as an efficient mean of social activism. Photography is thus the trigger for unique encounters and exchange, which enables her to capture “the details of a life reflected in one shot, telling the story of a place, individual or community”.


  • Collectif Kahraba

    Collective Kahraba is a performing arts company comprised of artists and technicians from different backgrounds that firmly believes that art is a trajectory towards openness and dialogue. 
    It’s their gateway for meeting diverse publics from various communities and regions of Lebanon, as well as for developing international exchanges and partnerships. 
    Collective Kahraba questions through its activities the world in which we grow, and faces the challenges of the changing perception of our identities. 

     Collective Kahraba works to: -Create shared moments of togetherness and reverie, where everyone feels welcome to share dreams, joy and humour through stories brought to life through the actors and spectators. - Bring performances to areas that never access cultural activities, make it free of charge to ensure accessibility to the largest number of people. - Organize cultural interventions in the public spaces of the country, in all the different social realities where culture could play a role of change and developpement (refugee camps, prisons, hospitals…)

  • Ghaleb Hawila

    Ghaleb Hawila was born in 1992 in Tyre, southern Lebanon. He studied Graphic Design as an undergraduate and went on to study classical Arabic calligraphy with acclaimed masters.

    Fascinated by the endless possibilities of this timeless art, Ghaleb seeks to approach it with a new eye. His work comes from deep understanding of Middle Eastern heritage, spiritualism, and the continuous search for origin, cause and effect.

    In 2018, he participated in the 8th Edition of the Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial, where he showcased ‘Nuqta’. He has created street art in the UK and Lebanon. His latest work is currently part of the Urban Art Biennale in Germany.


  • Haya Khoury

    Haya Khoury, an experimental designer whose work tries to merge design with storytelling and social work. Originally from Tripoli, Haya moved to Beirut in 2015 where she worked as an interior architect. In 2016, a significant stepping stone in Haya’s career occurred when she started giving ecological art workshops with the Lebanese Organization for Green Schools. Today, Haya is part of Nahnoo NGO where she is the project coordinator, handling art related ventures. 

  • Ibtisam Dib

    Ibtisam Dib is a graphic designer and an illustrator, holding a master's  degree in Art Direction from ALBA-Balamand.  Ibtisam works with local and international NGOs and organizes art workshops across Lebanon.  She has developed the “Wildcraft” concept, a long-term project of a series of workshops focusing on the art of paper recycling, adapting nature’s patterns to papier-mâché artistic production. Morphing nature's patterns and handmade recycled paper are her path into the wild ink.


  • Soraya Ghezelbash

    Soraya Ghezelbash (born 1985) is a British-Iranian artist, architect and designer working with silk-screen textile printing, photography and installation pieces exploring the themes of abandon, beauty and the divine. Since 2015, she has been researching the relationship between migration, textiles and botanics in the Mediterranean region, a project that was part of ‘Hors les Murs’, the 2017 residency program  operated by the Institut Français. She is now focused on developing her style and textiles brand.


  • Studio Kawakeb

    Founded in 2015, Studio Kawakeb is a visual arts studio based in Beirut, led by Hussein Nakhal, David Habchy and Christina Skaf. We specialize in animation, visual identity development, editorial design and illustration, working closely with our clients and collaborators to produce process-driven and contextually relevant art. We have also been commissioned to develop interactive learning experiences to push creative boundaries in design education, both locally and in the region. In 2016, we developed an on-going collection of design-based products led by specific contextual and visual stimuli aimed at communicating to a wider audience.