BeMACC - Beirut Museum of Art Collection Collaborative 


The Beirut Museum of Art Collection Collaborative (BeMACC) is a digital research platform, which showcases the collection belonging to the Ministry of Culture. The platform has been made available to the public and is free of charge. By presenting these Lebanese and Levantine works online, which will eventually form the basis of the museum’s collection, BeMACC aims to facilitate a transmission of information regarding the topic. Art historians and museum professionals who are conducting research on artists and works of art will have the opportunity to add and link relevant information to the images, while curious parties can simply browse through the collection’s treasures. The hope is that through BeMACC, the collection can go beyond boarders and can begin an international dialogue without even leaving its premises.

BeMACC was recently launched at Rice University, in Houston, Texas, on April 26th during a two-day symposium discussing collection maintenance and other pertinent topics relating to BeMA’s collection.Speakers included a range of experts from a variety institutions, from foundations to museums, sharing their experiences and thoughts on innovative methods that render such a cultural heritage publicly available. By hosting this event, BeMACC sought to generate new models for collaboration in the world of collection maintenance.

Click here for the sysmposium speakers and topics. Click here to visit BeMACC.