We tried to create open, free public space.

Space that could host an active, urban ritual and later the Beirut Museum of Art.

Along the way we also thought the site masterplan should invite cultural industries that would balance consumption with production.

In some societies there are certain opportunities for new museums and these stem from a lack of precedent and tradition. Yet most choose to emulate the classical Western model, heavy with baggage.

For instance, an opportunity exists in the arranged marriage of cultural institutions and urban rituals. Another would be in the lack of cultural policy at state and urban planning levels.

These are openings, not hindrances, that allow a new museum to be prescribed with local ingredients and promise more ominous, interesting results. Like a well curated exhibition where the process is as important as what you see.
Previous Next Photo Credits to Raëd Abillama Architects, Dbayeh, Metn – Lebanon