'BeMA: Beirut Museum of Art: THE URBAN THEATER'


" An Art museum for the city of Beirut, an open ground, an urban theater, a museum for the city and of the city of Beirut. A place that allows you to understand all the thrilling production of Lebanese artists, always inspired from the intricacies of what this open section that is Beirut has to offer us: an urban jungle that unleashes one’s immagination.

A walk up through different layers, rising from below the ground and hanging off the skies of Beirut, from the archeology of the past, emerges a garden, a secret place, a secret ground open to all, to all diversions and perversions. It is protected from within, silently framed.

BeMA: Beirut Museum of Art rises quietly, soberly, and in its form in contrast to the complexity of Beirut. It emphasizes further the city’s texture, yet its urban form instills with an intentional simplicity the complexity of beirut.

Layered, anchored, interconnected, It is an urban heart for public performances. Its monolithic spirit, silently holding damascus road (and its tormented history), reveals a generous public realm on its inner side.

BeMA: Beirut Museum of Art is not a building, it looses its facade, it looses its roof for the possibility of a public life. A place for performances, for arts, for daily life, an urban generator, a common place for a possible common culture, a place where art does not stop, where it is possible to gather, to perform, to question, to think, to move, to rise, to dream, to hide, to stroll.

An Architecture able to generate a new urban ground, a new heart for Beirut capable of building a community." Lina Ghotmeh
Photo Credits to Lina Ghotmeh DGT