IDC CO.LTD., ETEC, VERNER JOHNSON,Riyadh - Beirut - Boston


Arche Arte - Exploring the void


Ancient Greek philosophy defines the word of "Arche" as the "beginning", "origin", "source of action". Aristotle foregrounded the meaning of "Arche" as the principle of things. "Arche" is used also to describe the space between Earth and Sky.

With such important site, BeMA: Beirut Museum of Art project must take a contextual approach integrating social, cultural, historical and physical parameters in continuity with Beirut's mosaic diversification.

By keeping the ground for citizens, it's a gesture of openness, accessibility and sharing.

A dynamic lifted monolithic mass, provides a panoramic framed view of the National Museum, the project connects Past with Future and explores the negative space.

A sunken landscaped "Agora" with amphitheatre allows outdoor Art performances. Where, restaurant and cafes take place accessible from all streets. Urban stairs (canyons) leads to the lobby from main road.

A floated monolithic volume of the exhibition space is acting as a gate inviting citizens to discover the site. The museum spreads artwork in the city through its pixelated facade with play of transparency & opacity, lights & shadows, stimulating curiosity.

The aim of the project, with its minimalistic volume, is to create a timeless piece of Art, a metropolitan Art destination
Photo Credits to IDC Co.Ltd., ETEC, Verner Johnson, Riyadh - Beirut - Boston