IBDA DESIGN,Dubai - Tokyo


BeMA: Beirut Museum of Art is more than a landmark, it represents a new museum paradigm. It is a sustainable architecture that is particular to the city and culture of Beirut. We believe that a museum for (and in) this complex city is not merely a space for the display of art, but a potentially fertile platform for new modes of productions and creations to take shape. In an urban landscape now over-whelmed with enclosed, barricaded concrete towers, the BeMA: Beirut Museum of Art building will open onto the street, which will allow a fair amount of circulation and a relationship with its environs.

BeMA: Beirut Museum of Art is a vibrant place animated by the constant movement of light, inviting visitors and the community to meet with Art. The variety of spaces and walking routes encourage diverse activities that reflect the heterogeneity of modern and contemporary art. These activities do not take place in closed spaces but in open and transparent spaces that encourage dialogues between the visitors, the artists, the art, the curators and the city of Beirut.

Tomorrow's museum has to be thought of as not a defined place, but a flexible place for engaging the broader public.
Photo Credits to Ibda Design, Dubai - Tokyo