Our Mission

Our Mission & Vision

BeMA (Beirut Museum of Art) is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to art and culture in Lebanon and the region.

Envisioned as a multidisciplinary cultural platform highlighting modern and contemporary art from Lebanon and the region, BeMA will encourage Lebanese artistic creation while fostering dialogue and cross-cultural collaborations.
In addition to housing an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art, the museum will create opportunities for the production of new works through artist residencies, commissions and cultural partnerships. Committed to nurturing a dynamic and creative civil society, it will also host cultural and educational programs.
An independent institution, BeMA will be a site for discourse, creativity, academic research, and public education, engaging local communities.

Its purpose is to reposition Beirut as a local, regional and global cultural platform, through the provision of state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge exhibitions and innovative programing.

As a reflection of our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, the museum will cultivate the local arts sector, foster interaction between individuals and communities, position exhibitions and collections within an informed global context and attract a vibrant local, regional and international audience. BeMA is dedicated to fostering dialogue and creativity between the people of Lebanon and the wider region.

  • Celebrate, preserve and exhibit art

    • Build an unparalleled collection of Modern and Contemporary art from Lebanon and the region.
    • Develop a dynamic cultural platform that promotes cultural knowledge, development and expertise, creates connections and encourages creativity and cultural production across a variety of disciplines.
    • Nurture local artists and generate a community of cultural appreciation.
  • Provide an all inclusive communal space

    • Engage the local community through open access to the Arts.
    • Offer active educational programs and space for workshops and events.
    • A welcoming, inclusive space that brings people together.
    • Create a place of pride and sense of ownership for the people of Lebanon.
  • Promote cultural relations

    • Forge relationships with people of ideas and by facilitating cross-cultural collaboration.
    • Engage the Lebanese Diaspora through partnerships and targeted programs.
    • Collaborate with schools, cultural institutions, NGOs and community groups across Lebanon.
    • Foster a dialogue and create a platform for a diversity of voices.