Members And Consultants

Beirut is a cosmopolitan trading city with an important Diaspora and a long history of importing new ideas, creating an open, liberal culture where East meets West, making its architectural tradition rich and eclectic
Angus Gavin

Honorary Board

  • Carlos Ghosn

  • Raymond Araygi

    Honorary Member
  • Lord Peter Palumbo

    Honorary Member

Board of Trustees

  • Joseph Saddi

    Executive President
  • Maher Mikati

  • Fahed Hariri

  • Rev. Father Salim Daccache

    USJ Rector
  • Sandra Abou Nader

  • Claudia Audi

  • Bernard Calil

  • Farès El Dahdah

  • Rania Daniel

  • Richard Haykel

  • Maroun Helou

  • Cyril Karaoglan

  • Rita Nammour

  • Raya Raphael Nahas

  • Ramez Shehadi

  • Tanya Saade Zeenny

  • Sarkis Yammine